Falkland Islands 2012: Summary

1/10の朝、フォークランドより大阪に戻ってきました。 去年は一週間滞在したものの「時間が足りないな」と感じたので今回は二週間滞在しました・・・が、、それでも時間が足りなかったです(笑)
On Jan 10, I came back to Osaka from Falkland Islands. In this trip I stayed there for two weeks, since I felt it too short to stay there for a week during my travel last year. However, I still felt two weeks is still too short.
Anyway, I enjoyed watching various species of wildlife and also meeting with nice people.

In this travel, I visited Carcass island, Westpoint island, Sealion island, Saunders island, Volunteer point, Stanley and Cape Bougainville. For location of each place, see below picture.

I just started to check my photos. For time being, I am putting some photos.

Coastline in Carcass island. White sand, blue sea... it looks like somewhere in tropical island, but sea water was very cold, and due to strong wind, air temperature was also not high.

On the coast, Magellanic penguins were resting.

In Falkland islands, Magellanic Penguin is quite popular and can be seen in many places. However they are very shy and they often run away even though I did not come closer. Below photo was taken in Sealion island.

赤い喉が特徴的なLong-tailed Medowlark@カラカス島。フォークランド固有の鳥です。
Impressive red throated Long-tailed Medowlark @Carcass island. Endemic bird in Falkland.

In this trip, I watched enormous number of Albatross. Here is a colony of Black Browed Albatross@Westpoint island.

In this island, Black Browed Albatross and Rockhopper penguin breed at the same place. It was popular to see the fight among same species , but sometime albatross and penguin were fighting each other.

Rockhopper penguin@Saunders island. On the ground, their movement is slow. But, in the water, they are very quick.

In Sealion island, I happened to find pigment anomaly chick. Normally, Rockhopper chick's head and wings are colored greyish brown. As you can see, this chick has white head and wings.

Rockhopper penguin taking a shower @Saunders island. I dared to bring tripod to take movie.

My通称「暇人」のフォークランドカラカラ@シーライオン島。好奇心が強く、目を離すと人の荷物にいたずらするのも相変わらずでした(笑) 因みに右下に移っているのは僕の三脚です
Striated Caracara which I personally call bird of leisure ;-)  Since they are very curious, they often tried to touch with my baggage as they did during my last trip. In below scene, he (?) tried to steal my tripod.

飛べないフォークランド固有の鴨の仲間、Falkland Flightless Steamer Duck@シーライオン島。この時は親子で日向ぼっこをしていました。早く泳ぐためだと思いますが、小さな翼の一部には羽根がついていません。
Endemic flightless duck in Falkland. Falkland Flightless Steamer Duck @Sealion island. At this time, a family enjoyed sunbathing. What is remarkable is they don't have feather in a part of their small wings, which I guess this is to swim faster.

Pup of Southern elephant seal @Sealion island. He or she is no longer newborn baby, but still very cute. When my eye met his or hers, I could not stop smiling.

Family of South Sea Lion @Sealion island. Black object in the center of the photo is pup. When I visited this point, I saw 6 pups. Afterward I heard from other tourists that many females landed and gave birth some days later and number of pups became more than 20. Oh boy...

Dolphin gull @Sealion island. In this trip, I watched many birds were breeding. As always, to watch chick makes me smile.

Falkland Skua @Carcass island. I did not see chick of this bird, but watched they were incubating and often threatening any birds which came closer to their nest.

Dusky dolphin @Sunders island. One of the common dolphin in Falkland was Commerson's dolphin which I could not take photo. When I took a boat from Caracass island to Westpoint island, I watched they were swimming parallel with boat.

Gentoo penguin @Volunteer point. This penguin is one the popular penguin in Falkland islands.
Below shot is a scene they are about to land at the shore.

ソーンダース島にて。ちょうど雛に餌を与えているシーンですが、、何度も何度も雛が親に餌をねだるので、見ていてちょっと気の毒に思えました(笑) 体を張って子育てしているな~って。
@Saunders island. This is the scene parent feeds chick. Since this seems tough and chick continuously coax parent to feed, I feel sorry for parent ;-) To bring up chick is hard work.

セアカノスリ@ソーンダース島。英名でVariable Hawkと言いますが、名前の通り色彩変異が多く、僕が見たのは茶色味の強い個体でした。至近距離で見れて大感激!
Variable hawk @Saunders island. As English name says, this bird has various color morph and this  bird is brownish type. Anyway, I watched them in close distance and was very happy.

King Penguin @Volunteer point. Volunteer point is a place where I could not go last time. As I heard, it was fantastic place! Currently 1000 pair were breeding here. I was completely surrounded by Kings in all direction.

フォークランドでは珍しいマカロニペンギン@ケープ ブーゲンビル。フォークランドでは基本的に繁殖はしてないようで、時々イワトビペンギンのルッカリーの中に一羽が見つかる・・・そんな感じです。ラッキーな事に今回は3羽見ることができました♪
Macaroni Penguin @Cape Bougainville. Macaroni Penguin is not popular penguin in Falkland and do not breed here. One or two penguins are occasionally found in Rockhopper's colony. Luckily I found three Macaronis here.

At a glance, they look like Rockhopper penguin. But Macaroni's crest feather is longer, its color is gold (Rockhopper is rather yellow) and crest feather is connected. With their pink beak, they look gorgeous.

Snowy Sheathbill @Sealion island. Since I thought this bird inhabit more southern area where are closer to Antarctica, I did not image to be able to see them in Falkland. Their body is entirely white and very impressive.

During this trip, I took more than 10,000 photos. Though it may take time, I will show them one by one.

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