Costa Rica 11: Color variation


Before I travel CostaRica, I wanted to see a special lizard there. It is sometimes called 'most beautiful lizard in the world' or 'lizard which can run on the water'. It is Emerald Basilisk.
In this trip, I saw them in CañoNegro nature reserve which locates Caribbean side of the country.

Here is photo :)


This basilisk lives close to water area and could not be see in the forest. As you can see, the body is slender and colored in emerald green and has some blue spot on the surface, and it was very beautiful.



You may think it is easy to find them by looking at these photos. But it was very difficult for me to find them, since water area was covered with a lot of green ;-)

Basilisk is said to run on the water. I heard the lizard which really can run on the water is only juvenile. Since adult is relatively big, it was no wonder for me.
By the way juvenile had more vivid green color.

But, much smaller juvenile was blackish green. Anyway it was very hard for me to find them. I was impressed with guide's good eye very much.

さて、、このバシリスク、、コスタリカの太平洋側にも生息しています。ただ、、こちらのバシリスクは見ての通り褐色の体色をしてます。グリーンバシリスクとは別種ですが、、何と英名で Jesus Christ Lizardと呼ばれてました^^ 水面を走るからJesus Christと名前が付いているんでしょうね。。

The basilisk also inhabits in Pacific side of the country. But, this basilisk has brown color. This basilisk is different species from Emerald basilisk... and it was called 'Jesus Christ Lizard'!! I easily assume the reason why they are called so :)

Comparing with Emerald Basilisk, they are more sober colored and even more difficult to find..

Like basilisk, I saw similar two species which have different color in Caribbean and Pacific side of the country. It is iguana.
This is Green Iguana which I saw in Caribbean side.

Since they are matured adult, body color was not green...

And this is another iguana (Black Ctenosaur) which I saw in Pacific side. Though they are also iguana, but color was quite different.

The most surprising iguana was this one. It's body was colored blue!!!!

こんな色のトカゲもいるんですね~ ビックリです。
It was amazing for me to know the existence of blue colored iguana.
(By the way, green iguana live also in Pacific side.)

In addition, I am putting green iguanas I saw in another country. I took these photos in Guayaquil which is the biggest city in Ecuador.

They were not so different from that of CostaRica, but I was surprised to know they lives in the city. (I heard people in the city feed them.)


Dive @Okinawa!

と言う事で、、週末に弾丸で沖縄本島に潜りに行ってきました♪ 金曜日の最終便で那覇に行き、土曜日は普通にダイビング、日曜日は奇跡の川で淡水魚三昧といった感じでした。
Last weekend, I took a short trip to Okinawa main island and enjoyed scuba diving. I took last flight to Naha on Friday, enjoyed scuba diving on Saturday and enjoyed snorkeling at 'miracle' river. As usual, I took a lot of photos :)

First photo is Black-line Shrimp-goby which I took for the first time. Though similar environment exists in Amami island where I often visited, I have not seen this goby there. So I have seen this goby only in Kerama islands in the past. Thus, I was very happy :D

Below is yellow morph of the same goby. I knew existence of yellow morph, but hardly imagine that I can see it easily... How lucky I am!

Mertens' prawn-goby. Since see water was warm now, they were very active.

威嚇されているヤツシハゼも困っているような (^^;
Some of them were so active, that very aggressive.
It seemed Ornate prawn-goby which was threatened was embarrassed.

Also some Blue-spotted hole gobies were found. In general, I dived in shallow area and relaxed under the water.

密かに嬉しかったのが、、こちらのモヨウシノビハゼ♪♪♪ 実は写真に撮りたい!と長らく思っていた種類だったのでした。エキジット直前でエアが殆どなかったので適当にしか撮れなかったのが残念でしたが、、この程度の写真でも撮ったのは初めてだったのでルンルンでした
Cheek-streaked goby which I was excited to take photo, since I wanted to see and take photo of them for a long time!!! Since I found it just before exit and did not have enough air to take photo with certain care, I could not take good photo. But still happy :-)

そして、、こちらはイイジマウミヘビ? 最近、川や森でイモリやらサンショウウオやらカエルやら普通に撮っているので、、その流れで自然に撮ってました (^^; いや~結構動きがあるので、撮り難いですね。
Probably Ijima's turtle-headed sea snake. Since I usually take photos of Japanese fire belly newt, salamander and frogs, I repeated same also under the water. Since he or she moved so quickly, it was little bit hard to take photo.

水深3m程度の場所で太陽光が強烈に当たっている場所でしたが、、それでもストロボを何回か発光させるとソッポ向いてしまいました (^^; やっぱり眩しいんですね
Yellow and pink (?) colored Threespot seahorse(?).
I saw them 3 m under sea level and sun shined directly there. But after I took some photos with flash for a few times, they looked the other way. Even in such a bright place, they are still sensitive to flash right.

ヘコアユの幼魚。実は幼魚って見た記憶がありません! なので、刺さりまくり (^^;
Juvenile of Razorfish which I have not seen!!! So that I spent a lot of time to take photo :D

I also saw adults


On Sunday, it was a fever day of Lentipes armatus. (English name is unknown.)
I saw a male is turning to mating color which I did not see in April.

Some male was appealing to female with unique pause.

Some males with brown color were fighting. And indeed, they were very active.

By the way, I have not seen a fish with brown color. So that my first impression was somewhat different specie.


Regarding other fishes, I did not see so much.
For example, I did not see any male of Stiphodon atropurpureus which I saw several last time. (Just some females)
Though I saw more Sicyopterus lagocephalus than last time, they were timid as usual.

う~ん、、何が原因なんでしょうね?? 8月頭の台風のせいで流されてしまったのか、、はたまた季節的なものなのか・・・気になります。
Situation was same with Stiphodon percnopterygionus and most of fish I saw was female. Uhhhhm what caused this change??? Most of male was carried away to downstream ? which I doubt. Or is this common in the mid of summer??



Costa Rica 10: On the way to Carara

Since I did not finish talking about the trip to CostaRica , I am resuming it now. After staying in CañoNegro nature reserve, I headed for Carara national park through Volcán Arenal.
Then going south along with Pacific.

・・・と、、道路沿いに生えている木の上の方に何やら黒い陰を発見!! ガイドさん曰く「ホエザルですね~ 車、止めます??」との事だったので、、早速車を止めてもらい道路脇から観察してました♪
... Suddenly I saw something black is moving on the tree!! The guide told me that 'It is a group of Mantled Howler Monkey, Do you want to step out of the car??'. My answer was, of course, Yes :))
And I started watching them.

During this travel I have seen them for two times in Caribbean side, but I could not spend so long to watch them. Therefore I spent so long to watch them :D

Then a male (leader of the group?) started howling. As is easy to imagine, he (?) howled very loudly.

・・・最初は何で吼えているのか分からなかったのですが、、どうやら僕の事を不審者と思って警戒していたようでした (^^; ホエザル自体はコスタリカでも割とポピュラーな猿だそうですが、、じっくり写真を撮る人はいないみたいですね(笑)

When I looked around, I saw several members of the group was relaxing on the trunks of the trees.

Also some infants.

↓の写真は、、道路沿いに植えられていた木の花です。名前は・・・忘れました (^^;

By the way, the place I watched the monkey was surround with houses and was not in the deep in the mountain. It was completely against my thought and I was surprised very much.
Below photo is a flower of the tree which was planted along with the road.

Then I saw small parakeet (Orange-chinned Parakeet) on the barbed wire.

Again, CostaRica is very rich in wildlife and very good place for nature lovers!!


River tour in Kyoto

昨日は京都の川に遊びに行ってきました。 ご一緒したのはnobさん、1号さん、Boominさん、KENさん。心配していた川の増水もなく、天気も良く、冷たい川の水にいるのが心地よい一日で、絶好の川日和となりました♪
さて、、訪れたのはいつもの川ですが、、ポイントに着いてビックリ! 前回来た時(5月)にはなかった巨大な倒木が大きな岩に引っかかっていたり、小型魚の観察がしやすかった"わんど"も砂によって塞き止められ、孤立した水場になってました (^^; これって台風の影響なんでしょうかね?? そんなわけで、、普段と少し勝手の違う環境に戸惑いながら魚を探しました~

Yesterday, I went to the river in Kyoto to watch freshwater fish with nob-san, 1gou-san, Boomin-san, Ken-san. It was a great day with good river condition, fine weather and cool water temperature which was comfortable. And I enjoyed swimming and watching/taking photo of fishes.
The river was the one where I frequently visit, but I was surprised to see the change of the point. I found big tree was caught by the rock which I did not see in last visit (May) and small still water area next to the river was dammed with a lot of sand. I guess this was due to typhoon which hit Japan last month. For this reason, I had to searched for fishes under the water where looks somewhat new to me.

This is Itomoroko (Squalidus gracilis gracilis). It seemed to me number of young fish was smaller than that of May.

Japanese dace. Though mating season is already done, I found some of them had red color on the body.

Kajika flog. I found it when I was searching for Japanese giant salamander. They croak very beautiful :D

今回、特に目に付いたのがアカザでした。岩をめくる度に高確率で飛び出してきてました♪ ただ、、昼間だと暗がりに逃げようとするので写真は撮りにくいんですよね。
Yesterday, I often saw Reddish bullhead, when I turned over the rocks. Since they are nocturnal and run away quickly to seek for darkness, it is little bit difficult to take photo in the day time.

岩をめくっていたら一尾だけ稚魚を発見~♪ 成魚より更に光を嫌うらしく、、一枚写真を撮ったら大きな岩の隙間に逃げ込んでいきました (-_-;
I happened to find young of it. Young one hated the light more than adult, it escaped to the crack of big rocks...

その他、、夏場だけあってアジメドジョウの数も多かったです♪ 底が砂利の場所にいる事が多いですが、砂地でも結構な数が見られました~ このドジョウも清流ならではですね!
Also I saw many delicate loachs. Usually I see them where the bottom is covered with gravel. Yesterday, I saw many of them were sitting on the sand.

アマゴの姿もチラホラ。前回見た時よりも大きな個体が多かったです。やはりと言うか、、成魚は警戒心が非常に強かったので全然近寄れませんでしたが (^^;  因みに、、前回撮った幼魚の写真はこんな感じです。
Red spotted masu trout. Though number of the fish I saw yesterday was smaller than I saw in May, average size of fish was bigger than before. As usual, adult fish was so cautious that I could not come closer to them. By the way, the fish I took the photo last time can be seen from this link.

I saw many Japanese striped loach too. But I had impression that size of the most of them were normal or small.

そんな訳で定番系は大体見れたのですが、、皆さんが期待されていたオオサンショウウオは発見できませんでした (・ε・`*) う~ん、、前回の台風で下流に流されちゃったんでしょうか???
In the end, I could see most of species which can be seen usually. But,, I could not find out Japanese giant salamander which most of people were eager to see...  I wonder that the one I saw in May had been flowed to downstream..

川から上がる直前、「懲りずにまた来~や~」とでも言っているようなアカザを見かけました。う~ん、、また行かなきゃ! そうそう、、D90で動画も撮ろうとしたのですが、、ボタンの接触不良(?)のせいで撮れませんでした。こっちも何とかしなきゃ。。
Just before I exited from the river, I saw a Reddish bullhead which seemed to tell me 'Come back again'..  Uuuum, I need to come back ;-)
By the way, I tried to take movie with D90, but finally failed to do it. I need to investigate the cause..