Night forest in Nara

Eventually, Kansai area got into rainy season. Frequent rain makes us gloomy, but I found a fun in this weekend.

It is Forest Green Tree Frog. Since it rained heavily from the evening on Friday to Saturday, it was so humid at night on Saturday. When I visited a small pond which locates the foot of the mountain, many Forest Green Tree Frogs gathered to there and laid eggs.

I am not very confident, one female are in the center of the group and others are male. After laying eggs they wrapped them with bubbles by their legs. I have seen this scene in the photos in the past, but hardly imagine I can see it in real!!

↓の写真のようにかなり不安定なポジションでも雄はしっかりと雌にしがみついてました (^^;
The big female were always mounted by males, even when they did not lay eggs.
Even in very unstable position like below, male mounted on the female. After a few minutes later, both of them fell down. But male was still on the female.

Looks like a tough mom!

I saw many young frogs as well.

んん?? かなり可愛くないですか!?
And they looked quite lovely, don't they?

Next evening on Sunday, I went to the same place. Since weather was fine in the afternoon, inside of the forest was drier than Saturday night.
Due to this (?), number of frogs I found around the pond decreased and they were quieter than Saturday night. It was apparent that they became less active.

I guess the best timing to watch interesting scene of laying eggs is a night just after rain.

When it rains next, I will go there again after :-)

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