Amazing Cliff

今回のフォークランド滞在で二番目に訪れた島・・・それがWest Point島です。
The second island I visited during this travel was West Point island. The access to this island is only by vessel. It took about one hour from Carcass island. Since wind constantly blows here, vessel occasionally cancel sailing when it blows strongly.

この日は島で住んでいる夫婦の奥さんが町に出かけてしまったので、島にいたのは二人のみ (^^;
なので、ゲストの僕一人で島は貸切状態でした! おまけに天気も良し!!と言うことで絶景を独り占めできました♪
In this island, one couples live in. On the day of my visit, the wife left the island for Stanley where is a sole city in Falkland Islands, number of people in the island was only two! Since I was the only guest in the island and weather was beautiful, I had great scenery all to my self and it was great.

The highlight to watch animals in this island is the cliff which locates in the west part of the island.

Why? It is simply because there are huge colony of Black Browed Albatross. Also Rockhopper penguins breed in same area.

Below cliff is a landing area for Rockhoppers from the sea, and they climb up and down the cliff.

In general, the cliff is very steep, and rockhopper's colony is usually on the top of the cliff. How they are tough, though they are small!!!

The colonies of penguins and albatross on the top of the cliff are situated in the bush of big grass whose name is Tussac.

Black Browed Albatross stand out in it, since they are big and white colored.

ペア仲の良い鳥なので、あちこちでイチャツいているのを見かけました♪ 平和ですね~
They frequently flirt with a partner :-)  How peaceful isn't it.

Also I saw many birds have a chick on their nest. The chick looked so lovely.

Albatross is famous for its slowness on the ground. On the contrary, they are so smart in the sky and fly so fast. Since up‐current of air seemed to occur constantly here, many birds were flying over the slope so fast.

どれも地上すれすれを飛んでいくので、僕の傍を飛び過ぎていくときは「ひゅ~ん」と風を切る音が聞こえました (^^; う~~ん、、素晴らしい♪
Since they fly just over the ground, I often hear the sound which their wings rip the air. It was so cool.

Around the colony of Black Browed Albatross, Striated Caracaras were wondering to snatch eggs and chicks of Albatross and Penguins. Below pair (?) was displaying each other???

こんなディスプレイを見るのは初めて! 何なんでしょうね??
I have not seen such a display. What does this mean???

As I wrote, here is a colony of Rockhopper penguins.

They were breeding in rocky place among Tussac grasses and it looked unusual for me, since I used to see them in just a rocky area without any grasses.

Their colony looks like below.

A nervy penguin was sitting on Albatross nest.

もうちょっとお互い離れたらいいのに・・・と思うのですが (^^;
As both birds breed in close distance, I often saw they had conflict with neighbours. Most popular combination was Penguin v.s. Penguin and Penguin v.s. Albatross.
Why they don't keep certain distance with neighbours??? I guess this is because to protect eggs and chicks from predator. But a little more distance with neighbours would cause less troubles..

In the east part of the island was relatively flat and gentle hills were spreading. Below photo may give you an impression the number of creature would be low. But I actually saw many birds. 
This is common to other part of Falkland Islands, but number of species was not so high like Tropical rainforest. But number of animals/birds was concentrated in small area.

Though I have not been to Antarctica, I heard this tendency is getting more extreme there.
In some days, I want to visit Antarctica and feel it with real sense.

Today's last photo is a scenery in the island which I took from the mid of the hill. As you can see, see water was so beautiful that I had an impulse to dive under the water :)


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