Rio Xingu: Pleco #1

From now on, I will put photos of fish I watched in Amazon per species.
First fish is Gold Nugget pleco which was most impressive for me. (Pleco is a kind of catfish which is widely spread in Latin America.)
This pleco is endemic to Rio Xingu and I saw plenty of them.
Since I watched many stages of fish, I will put photo of them.

Here is the biggest fish I took there. Body length was around 20cm. 

Next is smallest one. As you can see, size of the spot relatively larger than bigger fish and its color is rather yellow than orange.

Once the fish grow up, fish has more spots and its color is getting orange. I don't remember exactly, but size was around 2 - 3 cm.

さらに成長した個体はコチラ。 体長は6~7㎝程度。ここまで成長すると色味もあって綺麗ですね
Once it grow up more (around 6 -7 cm), the body looks more colorful.

Bigger fish (body length 10 - 12 cm). Many of them with this size were beautiful. However, many of them were so shy to it was harder to take photo.

Though color is not good, here is bigger than previous. Body length was around 15 cm. Most of fish with this size has smaller spot comparing with the body size and its color gets somber.

最初の写真より大型の個体ですが、、どれも警戒心が非常に高くて全く撮影できませんでした。因みに大きくなると色もくすんできて、綺麗でなくなります (^^;
I watched much bigger fish. But they were so shy that I could not take any photo. By the way, color of bigger fish are more somber and they are not so photogenic ;-)

I had impression that bigger fish are much more shy than smaller ones. Also, since they are nocturnal, they are fundamentally shy in the daytime.
In the very late afternoon, I watched many of them got out of the crack of stones and started to eat algae. Therefore, the best way to watch and take photo of them is to find good place in daytime, and enter the river just before sunset. Of course, I don't think it good to spot strong torch, but to use weak or red torch would be better.

Next time, I will try these idea.

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