Rio Xingu: Freshwater Stingray

On the last day to dive in Xingu, I found black and white object among the sand, when I searched for fish between the rocks.

「なんやろ~?」と思って棒を使って砂をかき分けていくと、、、、、目が合いました (^^;
What is it? I swept way the sands with a stick, then my eye met with fish's eye :-)
Wow!!!! Polka Dot Rays (Potamotrygon leopoldi)!!!!!!!!

って事で、、アマゾン河流域に棲息する淡水エイで最も美しい言われているポルカドットスティングレイを見つけてしまいました♪ 円盤の直径は20㎝強と生まれたばかりの個体のようでしたが、模様は成魚と同じでした。
Then, I found one of the most beautiful freshwater stingray in Amazon. Diameter of the disc was around 20cm and it seemed to be just born. But design was almost same with adult.

White spots were scattered in black and it looked chic and beautiful. I hardly imagined to watch wild fish in natural habitat. I was sooooooo lucky!

By the way, I also watched Ocellate river stingray in Xingu. Though I could not take a photo, it seemed number of stingray was considerable here.
As they like to rest in a shallow sandy area, local people sometimes steps on it. What is the issue is they have sting and they often stick it to people's leg and gives acute pain...
For this reason, the most dangerous fish which local people think is neither piranha nor Candiru, but stingray.

Here is a close-up photo of the sting. I was so careful to take away sands...


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