Kyoto: Urban bird watching

When I woke up in the morning, I found sky was clear. Since weather was so nice, I made a petite trip to Kyoto.
Since June is rainy month, it would be very humid and hot. Also I expected famous temples would be crowded with tourists. Thus, I set main target to see in Kyoto as brown hawk owl.

At first, I headed Kyoto Gyoen (former imperial palace). This is located in the mid of downtown, brown hawk owls come to here and breed every year. Since here is famous for brown hawk owl's nesting are, I usually see many people. But, I only saw a few people today. So I could watch the bird in silence and without haste.

At this moment, female lay and incubate eggs in the nest. So only male can be seen outside of the nest.

Since they are nocturnal, they sleep in the daytime. Luckily, he often opened eye today and I could see impressive yellow eyes. 

Last year, chicks were seen outside of the nest in the mid of July. I also plan to see them next month. Since access to here is very easy, it is very convenient to see them!

Then, I headed for JR Nijo station. This is simply because I heard a family of common kestrel have lived in this station since a few years before.
After arriving at the station, I saw some birds which looked like kestrel were flying. When I looked up the roof of the station, I found it!!!

This is my first time to see common kestrel, and it was smaller than I expected. Round shaped eye looked lovely.

By the way, this is not a place with less people, but a place where many people are walking.
I was surprised they have been living and breeding in such a busy place.

う~~ん、、街中でも意外な鳥達が見れますね~  駅中で写真を撮るのは少し気が引けましたが、、バードウォッチングも中々ですね

I was so happy to see good raptores in the city. Though I feel little bit hesitated to take photos in the station, I concluded bird watching in urban area is not bad ;-)

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