New Album: Photos in CR, US and AU


This weekend, I spent most of time to check and process my photos which are getting to be huge backlog to be dealt with..
Finally, I added following new albums in Picasa.

Costa Rica/CloudForests
Mt Borradaile in Australia

As usual, I am writing my comments to my photos below.

Acorn Woodpecker in CR. This woodpecker is famous for its behavior to put and store acorn into the hole of tree trunk. Since they usually stay in higher part of the tree, it is hard to see them in short distance. But, finally succeeded ;-)

こっちはツバメトビ。エレガント、、その言葉だけで十分ですよね! こんなにフォルムの綺麗な鳶は見た事がないです
Swallow tail kite in CR. 'Elegant' may be an enough word to express their form.

こちらはハワイのハシナガイルカ。この時、数百頭のイルカに囲まれました~ 幸せ~~!
Spinner Dolphin in Hawaii. At this time, I was surrounded by more than hundreds of dolphins. I was in supreme bliss..

Humpback whale in Hawaii. 3 whales were swimming under the small zodiac boat, and others were swimming in short distance from the boat. It was amazing!

こちらは昨年9月、乾季の終わりに訪れたオーストラリア、アーネムランド/Mt Borradaileで見たオーストラリアツル。乾季の開始直後の5月に同所を訪れた時は陰も形も見なかったのですが、、この時は凄い数の集団になっていてビックリしました。
Australian crane (Brolga) in Mt Borradaile, ArnhemLand in Australia. When I visited here at the beginning of dry season (May 2010), I did not see them at all. But, at this time (end of dry season. i.e. Sep 2010), I saw flock of cranes. What cause this big difference!?!

こちらはMt. Borradaile近くに広がっている湿地帯。乾季も終わりなので、湿地はかなり干上がっていて、、残った水に多数の水鳥、ワニ、その他動物達が終結してました~
Swamp in Mt Borradaile. It was almost end of dry season and most of water were gone. Enormous number of water bird, crocodile and animals gathered to small water place.

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