Mountain torrent in Nara

今日も天気予報は外れて、晴れ! そんな訳で、、午前中に用事を済ませた後、家の近所(奈良県南部)の山に遊びに行ってきました。
Again weather was fine in the morning!! So I drove to the mountain which locates south of Nara prefecture. Since I experience burning hot and humid weather in Kyoto yesterday, I wanted to cool down myself and brought underwater photo equipment with me.

が、、、連日の雨のせいか川の水量は多め。しかも少し濁っていました。上流域の常連であるアマゴも姿は見えるものの、全く寄れず・・・しかも流れがきつくて思うように移動できない・・・と言った感じでした(苦笑) おまけに、、、6半を着る時、膝のあたりをスパッと破いてしまったので、、そこから冷たい水が入りまくり(笑)
Water level of the river was higher than usual, probably due to the rain fall in these days. Also water was not so clear as usual. Fish (Red spotted masu trout) seemed nervous and was to approach... Also current was heavier than usual and it was very hard to move ahead ;-((
In addition, I cut knee of wet suit, when I wore it.. So cold water got into inside of the suit from big scratch.

Finally, I found a juvenile which was less cautiousness and could take some photos..

とは言え、、上流域だけあって水温は低く、昨日とは打って変わって体の芯まで冷え切る事ができました♪ あ~涼しい♪
Since the point is located in higher part of the mountain, water temperature was quite low and I could freeze my body which I wanted!!

アマゴ以外には、タカハヤの姿も見れました。上流域ではポピュラーな魚ですが、、今日はタカハヤも警戒心が劇高!! 思うように撮れず、こちらも残念な感じ。。
Other than Red spotted masu trout, I saw Upstream fat minnow. This fish is popular in upper part of the stream and usually has less cautiousness. But, today, they were also very cautious!! Then, I could not take photos so well...

I have not checked whether now is the time for breeding, but I noticed not a small number of them seemed yellowish. Perhaps...


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