Costa Rica 10: On the way to Carara

Since I did not finish talking about the trip to CostaRica , I am resuming it now. After staying in CañoNegro nature reserve, I headed for Carara national park through Volcán Arenal.
Then going south along with Pacific.

・・・と、、道路沿いに生えている木の上の方に何やら黒い陰を発見!! ガイドさん曰く「ホエザルですね~ 車、止めます??」との事だったので、、早速車を止めてもらい道路脇から観察してました♪
... Suddenly I saw something black is moving on the tree!! The guide told me that 'It is a group of Mantled Howler Monkey, Do you want to step out of the car??'. My answer was, of course, Yes :))
And I started watching them.

During this travel I have seen them for two times in Caribbean side, but I could not spend so long to watch them. Therefore I spent so long to watch them :D

Then a male (leader of the group?) started howling. As is easy to imagine, he (?) howled very loudly.

・・・最初は何で吼えているのか分からなかったのですが、、どうやら僕の事を不審者と思って警戒していたようでした (^^; ホエザル自体はコスタリカでも割とポピュラーな猿だそうですが、、じっくり写真を撮る人はいないみたいですね(笑)

When I looked around, I saw several members of the group was relaxing on the trunks of the trees.

Also some infants.

↓の写真は、、道路沿いに植えられていた木の花です。名前は・・・忘れました (^^;

By the way, the place I watched the monkey was surround with houses and was not in the deep in the mountain. It was completely against my thought and I was surprised very much.
Below photo is a flower of the tree which was planted along with the road.

Then I saw small parakeet (Orange-chinned Parakeet) on the barbed wire.

Again, CostaRica is very rich in wildlife and very good place for nature lovers!!

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