Videos in FalklandIslands

At the end of last year, I took video with my camera (EOS 7D) in Falkland Islands. My first impression was 'difficult!!!', but it was fun. Perhaps I will go more serious ;-)

All videos is saved as HD, so please watch with the mode!

クロマユアホウドリ @Saunders island
Black-browed Albatross @Saunders island

イワトビペンギン @Saunders island
Rockhopper penguin @Saunders island

フォークランドカラカラ@Saunders island
Striated Caracara @Saunders island

産まれたばかりのミナミゾウアザラシの赤ちゃん @Sealion island
Pup of southern elephant seal @Sealion island

オウサマペンギン@Saunders island
King penguin @Saunders island

オタリア etc. @Sealion island
Sealion etc. @Sealion island

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