Costa Rica 11: Color variation


Before I travel CostaRica, I wanted to see a special lizard there. It is sometimes called 'most beautiful lizard in the world' or 'lizard which can run on the water'. It is Emerald Basilisk.
In this trip, I saw them in CañoNegro nature reserve which locates Caribbean side of the country.

Here is photo :)


This basilisk lives close to water area and could not be see in the forest. As you can see, the body is slender and colored in emerald green and has some blue spot on the surface, and it was very beautiful.



You may think it is easy to find them by looking at these photos. But it was very difficult for me to find them, since water area was covered with a lot of green ;-)

Basilisk is said to run on the water. I heard the lizard which really can run on the water is only juvenile. Since adult is relatively big, it was no wonder for me.
By the way juvenile had more vivid green color.

But, much smaller juvenile was blackish green. Anyway it was very hard for me to find them. I was impressed with guide's good eye very much.

さて、、このバシリスク、、コスタリカの太平洋側にも生息しています。ただ、、こちらのバシリスクは見ての通り褐色の体色をしてます。グリーンバシリスクとは別種ですが、、何と英名で Jesus Christ Lizardと呼ばれてました^^ 水面を走るからJesus Christと名前が付いているんでしょうね。。

The basilisk also inhabits in Pacific side of the country. But, this basilisk has brown color. This basilisk is different species from Emerald basilisk... and it was called 'Jesus Christ Lizard'!! I easily assume the reason why they are called so :)

Comparing with Emerald Basilisk, they are more sober colored and even more difficult to find..

Like basilisk, I saw similar two species which have different color in Caribbean and Pacific side of the country. It is iguana.
This is Green Iguana which I saw in Caribbean side.

Since they are matured adult, body color was not green...

And this is another iguana (Black Ctenosaur) which I saw in Pacific side. Though they are also iguana, but color was quite different.

The most surprising iguana was this one. It's body was colored blue!!!!

こんな色のトカゲもいるんですね~ ビックリです。
It was amazing for me to know the existence of blue colored iguana.
(By the way, green iguana live also in Pacific side.)

In addition, I am putting green iguanas I saw in another country. I took these photos in Guayaquil which is the biggest city in Ecuador.

They were not so different from that of CostaRica, but I was surprised to know they lives in the city. (I heard people in the city feed them.)

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