Northern Queensland5: Raptores 3rd

Today is the third time (or final) for Raptores. Main bird in this time is a kind of owl.

Southern Boobook. These two photos were taken under the eaves of cottage. It sometimes opened the eye,, but was sleeping most of time.

It was early afternoon and I guess it was so sleepy. In the late afternoon, I saw a kind of honeyeater was mobbing to the owl. When the guide explained about it to me, I felt somewhat strange, since I first learned the behavior 'Mobbing' during scuba diving and thought it was specific to fish. (:-)  

The cottages were surrounded by eucalyptus forest. And I saw some owls were in the hollow of the tree.

It looks better as a photo to have natural objects behind the bird.

In this small hollow, I saw three owls. How big the hollow was!

実はユーカリ林のユーカリの木はシロアリによって食い荒らされ、内部が殆ど空洞になっているんだそうです。 なので、木の洞も思った以上に大きいようです。
I heard most of eucalyptus were eaten by termite. And inside of the tree becomes hollow. Thus, size of hollow is usually much bigger than it looks.

オーストラリアアオバズク? しょぼーい写真しか撮れませんでしたが、夕暮れ時に観察できました♪ 既に紹介したメンフクロウと言い、フクロウの仲間にはあまり縁がなかったので、色々と見れて嬉しかったです。
Barking Owl. Though I could not see the bird in short distance, I was still happy to see it. Because I have not seen so many wild owls in the past..

Finally, I am putting photos of two more species of Raptores.
Pair of osprey, though quality of the photo is very poor :p

Brahminy kite. This is one of the birds which I wanted to see.

White colored head and chest, and reddish brown wings. They are characteristic.

A pair was nesting on the top of high tree. so that I could not see them in short distance. I really want to get bigger lens. such as 600mm or 800mm ;-)

During this trip, I saw other species of Raptores. Since I could not take good shot of them, I will skip them.

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