Northern Queensland6: Mammals in daytime

Today's theme is mammals I saw in daytime.

First mammal is Musky Rat-kangaroo. When I first saw them, I thought it a kind of rat.

But,, they are one of marsupials. Body length was about 15cm, and they are smallest kangaroo. I saw them in the yard of Cassowary house where I stayed for several days.

They inhabit in the limited area within 150-200km from Cairns.
By the way, below photo may remind this animal is a Kangaroo.. ...do not??

こちらは、、メガネオオコウモリ。オオコウモリってコウモリと名前が付いていますが、顔は犬っぽい感じですよね。実際、英語ではFlying Fox、つまり「空飛ぶキツネ」と呼ばれてます。この顔だったら納得ですね~
Here is Spectacled Flying-fox. Their face looks like a dog, isn't it?

Platypus. As I wrote before, they are active even in daytime in Queensland.

Most of them were not careful at all, and I sometimes saw them swimming just a few feet away from me.

Anyway how humorous their face is! They look shy, but some of them are so curious they sometimes come close whey people are working along with the river.

Next is Agile Wallaby. The mammals which I saw the most during this travel.

Since they are not so big, even adult look lovely. However, they were so shy that I could not come close to them. Especially those who were in open space kept certain distance between me.

彼らも夜行性なので、早朝や夕方に開けた場所に出て餌を食べているのをよく見かけました。が、、、、意外に目は良くないようなのです! 枯れ草の茂みをしゃがみながらジリジリ近づくと、、「何だろう?」てな感じで、こちらを見るのですが、全然逃げないんです!
They are also nocturnal animal, and I saw many of them food in early morning and late afternoon. During watching them, I noticed their eye are not so good! When I sat down on my heels and walked closer to them among the bush, they often look to direction where I was. But they seemed not recognize me as a human and did not run away! like below photo.

お次は、、オオカンガルー。英名ではEastern Grey Kangarooと言うのですが、、南オーストラリアや西オーストラリアでお馴染みのWestern Grey Kangarooと似たような感じかと思ってました。
Next is Eastern Grey Kangaroo. Similar species whose name is 'Western' Grey Kangaroo inhabit in South Australia and West Australia and I was familiar to see Western. Thus, I thought Eastern looks similar with Western.

でも・・・あまり可愛くないです(苦笑) まずは大きさ。とにかくデカイ!オーストラリアで最大のアカカンガルーの次に大きいんだそうです。
However, when I first saw Eastern, they looked not so lovely :p   One reason was the size of the body. They are so big! I heard they are second biggest Kangaroo. In addition, their behavior associated me with somewhat aged.

参考までに、、Western Grey Kangaroo@南オーストラリア州の写真を貼り付けておきます。
As a reference, I am attaching photo of Western which I took in South Australia.

I still keep on! Next is Mareeba Rock Wallaby.

As is easy to imagine, Rock Wallaby is a kind of Wallaby which live in rocky place. And all of them I have seen in the past were so shy. But, here, they were not, at all.

I visited the place in daytime. Since this wallaby is also nocturnal, all of them looked so sleepy. Actually Watching them for certain times made me sleepy :-)

唯一目をパッチリ開いていたのは、、お母さんのポケットに入っていた赤ちゃん♪ ポケットから顔を出してキョロキョロしてました。可愛いですね!
The only one which was active was Joey in Mom's pouch! He or she was always looking out side from pouch. How lovely are they!

Do you know an animal whose name is Quoll?
I first knew the existence of the animal last year. Unfortunately, I only saw footprint...
But the guide informed me good place to see them in Tasmania. So I am thinking to visit there in near future!

番外編その2は、、某鳥宿の看板娘♪ 非常に大人しく、人懐っこい犬でした。もう一頭いたのですが、、こちらは写真を撮り忘れました。。
Last photo is a dog I met in famous bird lodge. She was so gentle and friendly. In this bird lodge, I saw one more dog.
When I walked around the pond which was close to the lodge, both of them followed us. It looked they tried to guide us to prevent us loss our way to the lodge. Uuum, they were very sagacious!

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