Northern Queensland3: Raptores


As I wrote in the past diary, I saw many species of Raptores. Though I could not take photo of all  of them, I will show some photos in a series.

First bird is Nankeen Kestrel. I often saw Raptores perched on the electric wires.

どうやら獲物を 探していたようで、、突如飛び立ってバッタか何かを捕まえて飛び去っていきました。いつもながらチャンスに弱いので、獲物を捕まえた瞬間の写真は見事にピンボケでした(苦笑)
It seemed this bird was trying to find something to eat. Suddenly it flew away and caught grasshopper or something. As usual (?), I could not shoot the scene when the bird just caught the it :-(

ミナミチュウヒ? こちらも道路沿いの木にず~っと留まってました。それにしても、不思議なくらい沢山猛禽類がいてました。それだけ餌も豊富って事なんでしょうね。
Swamp harrier?? This bird was also perching on the tree along with the road. Surprisingly, I saw so many kinds of Raptores. Since they stands on the top of food chain, I assume here are rich in foods.

猛禽類は格好いいですが、、地味目の色使いの種類が多いので、色味のある鳥の写真も貼っときます♪ こちらはオーストラリア各地に分布しているモモイロインコ(北部亜種)です。インコの仲間が好きだからって話もありますが、、見るといつも撮ってしまいます。

Raptores looks cool, but they are sober colored. To make this topic more colorful, I am putting a photo of colorful Galah (Northern sub-species) which is widely spread out almost all over Australia. Every time I saw them, I find myself to take photo of them.

Going back to main subject, below is Brown Falcon. I think this is the Raptores which I could see in most short distance in this trip. So that the photo is very clear.

The bird in these four photos are identical. But looks of the photo is quite different since lighting angle is different.

Today's last bird is juvenile of White Bellied Sea Eagle. I have seen adult bird for some times in Northern territory, but juvenile was first for me.

It looks quite different from adult.

参考までにMt Borradaileで去年撮影した成鳥の写真も貼り付けておきます。
As a reference, I am putting a photo of adult bird which I took the photo last year in Mt. Borradaile.


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