Costa Rica 5:Beauty in cloud forest

出張やらで更新が遅れていましたが、、引き続きコスタリカの話を続けます (^^;
今日は雲霧林の宝石ともいえるケツァールです♪ ついでながら、、諸事情により今回から日英併記で書いていきます~

Now I am back from UK!, then continue to talk about wildlifes in CostaRica ;-)
Today's topic is Quetzal which, I believe, is a jewel of cloud forests.

Here is a male of Quetzal, with scarlet chest and very long tail feathers. Other part of feather looks brilliant blue. Depending the angle, their feather sometimes shines green or bluish green. What a beautiful bird, isn't it?

Comparing above photo with following photos, you can see how its color looks different depending on the angle.

This is a female. In contrast with male, female has gray chest and short tail feathers. But still beautiful.


Quetzal inihabits in the cloud forest which exist in from southern Mexico to west Panama.
...Before I visited San Gerardo de Dota, I had no idea how the forest looks like.
Below is a shot in cloud forest.

これだけだと「何だかさっぱり」かもしれませんね(笑) 林床近くに眼をやると、、
This may not lead any idea to you. ;-)   If you look into the bed of forests,,,

そう!!コケがメチャクチャ木に着生していますよね! ↑の写真では分かりにくかったですが、、木の上の方にも着生植物が大量についています♪ 時には一つの木に1トン以上の着生植物が付いている事もあるんだそうです (^^;
Yes!! You can see a lot of mosses are on the trunk of the trees!! Not only moss, but also plants (such as bromeliads) live on the trees. Sometimes more than 1 ton of plants and mosses live on a single tree -


But, total amount of rain fall is not so high as tropical rain forest. And temperature does not go up so high, since it locates higher part (around 1800m- 2700m?) of ranges.
Eventually I came to conclude that it is foggy, wet, cool and highly humid forest. It may not be a surprise by considering about wording, but was an interesting experience to feel it.

幸いな事に滞在中は雨に降られる事もなく、天気もまずまずだったのでケツァールは、雄を計4羽、雌を計1羽見ることが出来ました。今年は主食のアボガドの仲間の結実のタイミングが変だったようで、見れずに雲霧林を立ち去る人もいたそうなので、かなりラッキーだったようです (^0^)

Fortunately, it did not rain during my stay. Weather was mostly fair or cloudy for 3 days, and I watched 4 males and 1 female. :))   I heard this year was slightly difficult to spot Quetzal, since fruition of avocado (their main food) was not as usual. And some birders even could not see them. So I was very lucky.

Male in front of the nest.

And even silhouette is beautiful,

And some more photos!


I wish this beautiful bird can be seen forever in cloud forests.
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