Hiking? Animal watching??

前回の日記にも書きましたが、、現地には三日しかいませんでした (^^;
As I wrote in previous column, I stayed in Banff for only three days. However, since I was walking around outside from 6:00am to 9:00pm every day, I could see more kind of wildlife than I expected and enjoy magnificent view of Canadian Rockies.

グリズリー、エルク、ミュールジカ or オジロジカ、ビックホーンシープ、コヨーテ、シラガマーモット、アメリカナキウサギ、リス4種(ヒメシマリス、コロンビアジリス、シマリス、アカリス)、ウサギの一種、ネズミの仲間、オオカミ?。まぁ、、オオカミについては、バンフから空港に向かう車から、それらしい姿を目撃しただけなので微妙ですが。。
At first, I am listing name of mammals I saw during my stay.
Grizzly bear, Elk, Mule deer or White-tailed deer, Big horn sheep, Coyote, Hoary marmot, Pica, four species of squirrel (Least Chipmunk, Columbia Ground Squirrel, Chipmunk, Red squirrel), a kind of rabbit, some kinds of mouse, wolf ?. Regarding wolf, I just glance at Husky like big dog in the suburb of Banff from the car. so it is suspicious.

When I looked out side of the room in the first morning, I found squirrel was climbing up and down the trunk of the tree. After taking photo, I confirmed it was red squirrel which I did not see during last visit.

Since they live in the town, it seems they are not too cautious about human. So that I could see them in short distance for some time.

After breakfast, I headed for Lake Louise and enjoyed hiking around the lake. As you can see, color of the water is something like painted. This color is specific to the lake whose source of water is glacier. I don't explain detail, but I heard the color of lake varies depending on the volume of water from melted glacier.

On this day, I walked on the hiking trail which leads to Lake Agnes and Little Beehive. The first view point I reached was Lake Mirror. The big mountain in left hand side is a peak which is called 'Big Beehive'.

さて、、このミラー湖、NZにある同名の湖のような趣向があると思っていたのですが、、、何もありませんでした (^^; ちょっと残念。。 どんな趣向かは、、↓のリンクを開いてみてください
Since the name of the lake is 'mirror', I expected there was something special in this lake like a lake in NZ. But I did not find anything unfortunately ;-(     Please open below link to see what is special in the lake in NZ.


After then I kept on walking on the trail. Since it was very popular trail, it was neither rough nor steep. So I enjoyed beautiful scenery.

This is one of my favorite. This completely match with my image on Canadian Rockies.

Then I reached Lake Agnes.

By walking around the lake, I found many alpine plants were blooming.

In the scree slope where is filled with blooming alpine plants, I saw Hoary marmot.

Since he or she was sunbathing at that time, sometimes it put its head on the rock. How cute was it!

My first impression was 'relatively small animal'. But they were bigger. Actually they were much bigger than house cat.

During waking on sunny slope, I found Columbia Ground Squirrel which I often saw during last visit. I often saw them to stand on the ground to look around.

ただ、、ハイカーが餌をしょっちゅう与えているせいか、、警戒心は0! 写真を撮る分には楽でいいのですが、、人が餌をやっているのは感心しませんね。
After some more walk, I reached Little Beehive. There, many Chipmunks were waiting!! And they were not cautious for people at all!! I assume this is because many hikers feed them. So it was easy to take photo,,, but I don't link people feed wild animals.

Anyway, scenery from Little Beehive was awesome.

Then I found Least Chipmunk was walking around between the gap of rocks. I heard four kinds of squirrel inhabits in Canadian Rockies and saw all of them in a day!!
By the way, I personally prefer Least Chipmunk to others.

Then, I walked down the mountain by taking another route,,,,

But, the day had not ended yet!!!!! I saw a lot of animals after then.


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