Summer in Canadian Rockies

目的は、、雄大な景色もさることながら、今回の旅行の大きな目的はロッキーに棲む動物達を見ること! 現地(バンフ)でフルフルに動けたのは3日間だけでしたが、期待以上に色々と見れて楽しめました!

I took a short trip to Canadian Rockies by combining national holidays and paid holidays. This is may second time to visit there. Objective of this trip is to see wild animals in Rockies as good as enjoying scenery. Thought I was in Banff for only 3 full days, I could see many kind of wild animals!!
I will talk about detail afterward. Today, I am putting several photos.

トップバッターはグリズリー。こちらは2、3才の子熊。可愛いですね~ 写真を撮った時、お母さん熊と一緒にノンビリと食べ物を探していました
First photo is cubs of Grizzly bear. How cute are they? When I saw them, they were eating something with their mom.

こちらはシラガマーモット。ちょっと体は大きいですが、、こちらも中々可愛らしいですね~ 初日に歩いたハイキングコースでは、、短時間の間に5匹も見れました♪
This is Hoary marmot. Their body were little bigger, but they looked cute too. When I went hiking on first day, I saw five of them in short time.

こちらは、、ヒメシマリス。とにかく小さて動きが早い! 似たような柄で少しからだの大きなリスもいるのですが、どちらも可愛いです♪ 体の大きな種類も写真は沢山撮っているので、後で紹介します
Least Chipmunk. They were very small and moved very quickly. In Canadian Rockies, another squirrel whose pattern is similar inhabits, but body is larger. Since I also took many photos of them, I will show afterward.

Big horn sheep. Male has impressive cured big horn which looks cool.

Pup of big horn sheep. Very very cute!!!

Male of Elk. They had significantly big body and antler and were very impressive.

Of course, I enjoyed seeing beautiful scenery in Rockies.

And also enjoyed watching flower of many kinds of alpine plants. I heard this year was cooler than usual and timing of blooming was also delayed. Fortunately for this delay, I could see beautiful yellow orchid 'Yellow lady slipper'. How lucky :D


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